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With her original voice and interesting perspectives, Kate Jerome has been developing award-winning programs to entertain and inform young readers for more than 25 years.


Kate began her career as a high school biology teacher but serendipitously entered the world of educational publishing when she moved to Chicago and joined Scott Foresman publishing company. Although she started as an entry level science editor, her creative vision and leadership catapulted her through every editorial chair in the organization and within a short thirteen years she was named President of Scott Foresman, also serving as a Senior Vice-President on HarperCollins Publisher’s Executive Board in New York. 

In 2001 Kate launched her own business to further her mission as an author and developer of effective learning systems. Since its inception, Kate has created a range of innovative children’s book series and online programs in collaboration with leading educational and trade publishers including National Geographic, Penguin Random House, and Arcadia Publishing Company. Her body of work, including Spanish and Chinese translations, has influenced untold millions of K-12 students. 

In 2015 Kate accepted an invitation to join the inaugural class of Stanford University’s Distinguished Career Institute. As a DCI Fellow, Kate immersed herself in academic subjects ranging from neuroscience to art history, explored virtual reality technology, and mentored undergrad students on their start-ups. During her year-long residency, her affiliation with Stanford’s Center on Longevity re-energized her long-time interest in inter-generational connections. As a result, Kate teamed up with Arcadia Publishing  to launch two regional  children's book series  (Read Together/Do Together) which are designed to encourage  conversations between kids and their favorite adults.

In 2018 Kate took the helm as President of Insight Editions, a boutique publishing company with offices in the Bay Area and Los Angeles that creates beautifully crafted books celebrating cultural milestones in entertainment, history, and the arts .

Today Kate remains on Insight Editions Executive Committee and Board, but she has reached new heights in intergenerational product development as the Co-founder of Little Bridges, a new company that will launch in November 2020.

In addition to her publishing activities, Kate is a Program Advisor for the Reading Partners organization and is an  Emeritus Board member of the South Carolina Aquarium.

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